Cranberry Bog Boat Tour and Champaign Brunch 

This cranberry bog is a natural, floating phenomenon literally located on Buckeye Lake.  Each June, a public tour draws hundreds of visitors to the island, transported by boats and volunteers.  Visitors, led by naturalists, can view rare orchards, carnivorous plants, and unspoiled ecosystems.  Current information about the Cranberry Bog Boat Tour and Champaign Brunch can be found by visiting The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society website or by calling John McGaughney at 740-987-4862. (

Glenford Stone Fort Hike 

One of the most remarkable examples of a hilltop enclosure in the state, the Glenford Stone Fort is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but is not generally open to the public.  This fort is located on private property, but is opened to the public for this 45 minute spring hike through a partnership between the property owner and the Perry County Historical Society.  Current information about the Glenford Stone Fort Hike can be found on the Perry County Historical Society’s website.      (

Little Cities Cemetery Tour: 

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