Perry County in Pictures

Somerset Oktoberfest
St. Joseph's Church
Glenford Truck Pull
New Lexington High School
Perry County Fair 2012 Tractor Pull
Perry County Fair 2012
Somerset Oktoberfest
Somerset Oktoberfest
Old Bank Building in Glenford
Somerset Memorial Day Parade

Perry County, Ohio: Where Everybody's at Home...

To our Residents, Friends and Visitors to Perry County Ohio,

We, the Perry County Ohio Commissioners, would like to welcome you to discover Perry County in Southeastern Ohio.  Our local culture is rich with history and there are many activities and experiences available here in Perry County.  We hope that you will take full advantage of the resources that have been combined on this site and use it to support YOUR friends and neighbors.   Shop locally, become more involved in community events and discover something new!

Thank you for visiting, come back often....

The Perry County Commissioners

Ed Keister, Jim O'Brien, Dave Freriks


Perry County Overview

NAMED FOR: Commodore Oliver Hazzard Perry
ESTABLISHED: Act – March 1, 1818
2001 POPULATION: 34,380
LAND AREA: 410.0 square miles
COUNTY SEAT: New Lexington City

Perry County is located in the southeastern portion of the state, accessed by U.S. Route 22 and State Routes 37, 155, 204, and 669, running east and west. State Routes 13, 93, 312, 345, 555, 668, and 757 run north and south through the county. Perry County is primarily a rural, farming area.

In 1884, a contest between striking miners and strikebreakers provoked an ironic incident in New Straitsville when mine cars loaded with burning coal were shoved down mine shafts. The resulting fire still burns today, consuming millions of tons of coal.

Major attractions in Perry County include Wayne National Forest; Buckeye Lake State Park; Tecumsey Lake Park; Perry County Courthouse (patterned after European castles); Ohio Ceramic Center and Ohio Historical Society Pottery Museum; Indian mounds, Fort Glenford stone fort; General Philip Sheridan’s home and monument; and world-renowned foreign correspondent Januarius Aloysius MacGahan’s Monument. In addition, tourists are drawn to see the county’s unique round barns and covered bridges and historic Shawnee’s Little Cities of the Black Diamond.